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DIRECTV offers advantages over cable the people of Bossier City can appreciate

When cable customers are looking for more entertainment, the first choice is the most obvious. America’s favorite choice, DIRECTV quenches the thirst of cable customers every single time. The advantages of DIRECTV are a handful, but some of the most obvious reasons are clear.

DIRECTV has more HD programming than cable

With more than 170 HD channels broadcasting on a full-time basis, DIRECTV gives you the most HD clarity available by any single provider. High-definition quality viewing at an affordable price makes you wonder why you’d ever consider anything else.

DIRECTV delivers exclusive sports coverage

Want to get the most in-depth football coverage? The biggest sports fans can all agree that DIRECTV annihilates the competition with premium packages such as NFL SUNDAY TICKET™, MLB EXTRA INNINGS® and NASCAR HotPass™. Enjoy the best of your favorite sports with the best views available on top of the HD clarity to make it all seem magical.  

DIRECTV trumps the competition of customer satisfaction

For more than a decade, DIRECTV has reigned over cable providers in the ring of customer satisfaction according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Part of its success is the 24-hour service along with DIRECTV’s dedication to solving customer issues.

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